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October 06, 2010


Tom Sheepandgoats Harley

Wow. Prayers are with you, Screech. It all sounds very frustrating and unsettling. Did your shepherding call with Bro H ever turn out? I can identify with much of what you say, as I once did go through a long period of diability, for which the family was not well-prepared, and during that time, finances were very precarious.

I've sometimes told older ones in the cong whose health is deteriorating that, soon enough, I'll be where they are now. It's the nature of life in this system. It does take it to an entirely different level, though, when health problems seem to crop up prematurely.

But it's good news that no brain problems exist (or that there is "nothing there", as the doctor's said :-) )

Somewhere along the line, I learned to (attempt to) envision actual life as "the Game of Life," in which you move your piece around the board, and land on this space or that. Some spaces are good, some are decidedly bad. But another turn always comes...whatever space you are in is but temporary....and then you are somewhere else.

Oversimplified, to be sure, but to some extent helpful, at least to me. It seemed to encourage flexibility, and rolling with the punches.

Best wishes to you and yours.

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