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June 18, 2010



Follow Up: This is a working theory. As I research history more and gain increased understanding of the world around me, I am bound to update it and refine it. I do believe that it is accurate in principle, however.

Tom Sheepandgoats Harley

Thoughtful analysis, Screech. I'm reminded of two things when reading of the Economic Pillar. One, when Theodore Roosevelt busted up the power of the robber barons in the early 1900s, promoting higher wages, better working conditions, and so forth, business fought him tooth and nail. But it's well for them that they lost. By distributing money into the hands of more people, ultimately a consumer-businessman's paradise came into being, enriching them more and surpassing anything they might have acheived by remaining tight-fisted. Two, the modern manisfestation is that, in the U.S, for all practical purposes, Consumer Reports has become the Bible.


Thanks. That's a very good insight. At my meeting on Sunday, the brother mentioned how the Catholic Church was broken up when the Kings of Europe in the middle ages came into power. They simply set up their own church to make their rule legitimate. Now the religions of the world are fractured and subject to nationalism, which is how they maintain their existence. That is a great example of how the religious pillar is looking to the political pillar for protection, despite it being the pillar that reduced its power.

Like a dog that has been beaten too much, it keeps going back to its master and begging him not to hit him again, willing to do anything within its power to gain favor.

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