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Screech was born December 15, 1976 to Jack and Christine Conrad in California. He grew up in modest homes, and even at a young age, questioned everything.

"Growing up was to me a time of exploring the world. I learned about taking adventures out into the real world, where I promptly got my butt kicked," he recalls fondly.

During his 20's, Screech began to take an interest in history, politics, and religion in general. As he learned more and more about the world around him, he began to form opinions. For most people, if this happened at all, it would be simple and not very elaborate. Not for Screech.

"The more I learned and formed opinions, the more I realized that my point of view was always missing some angle. I started to realize that most people never look into things the same way that I do, and so I decided that I should start writing."

Beginning in 2000, Screech began exploring his viewpoints by writing fiction. His stories include, The Mirror, Strange Bedfellows, and My Friend Luke. When he turned 30, things started to change.

"I realized that I could better help the world by writing about events as I see them. Reporting how it appears from my point of view. I always try to remain neutral, and encourage others to decide for themselves what to believe."

As Screech continues to delve into the world of literature, he hopes to gain a following.

"Ultimately, I would love to have a solid reader base. I'd also like to publish a few books that I've been toying with."


I have worked on projects that involved different software layers, but especially enjoy Presentation Layer work.