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May 04, 2007


Tom Sheepandgoats

Speaking of the Bible, we all know this quote from Revelation. (11:18)

God will "bring to ruin those who are ruining the earth."

I've been around for awhile. I remember reading that scripture and using nuclear annihilation to illustrate it. A sober threat, but the only one we could think of....how else are you going to ruin an entire planet.

That was then. Now, most of us can rattle off a couple dozen ways that the earth is being ruined. All debateable to some degree, but all plausible.


Although I disagree about the debatability (forgive my spelling) of Global Warming and Global Climate Change, I do agree with the statement, "...nost of us can rattle off a couple dozen ways that the earth is being ruined..."

As I've learned more about the climate changes that are happening, and see the evidence of our melting icecaps, glaciers, and other fresh water sources for a large portion of the world, my heart aches. If we think we are seeing human suffering now, just wait until the poorest run out of water, and even rich nations have issues delegating water use and population movements.

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